Trusted partners in verification, authentication & screening

In collaboration with carefully chosen companies, we bring you an optimal solution for ID document verification, customer identity authentication, and comprehensive screening for PEP, sanctions, and adverse media.

ID document verification

Efficient document scanning is a fundamental aspect of understanding your clientele and validating their identity.
Gemalto (Thales)

Politically exposed person (PEP) oversight

Diligently screen your customers for potential Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), as they typically pose elevated risks. This screening process can occur automatically as customers provide information, or you have the flexibility to conduct screenings at your discretion through the Business Account.
Comply Advantage

Company KYC insights

Gather data on company owners, board members, and management from official sources. Additionally, seamlessly request further details directly from pertinent individuals associated with the company.
Virk Data CVR

Company sanction scrutiny

Thoroughly screen your company's customers to ascertain whether they appear on official sanction lists or have adverse media mentions.
Comply Advantage

Authentication services

Our integration with national ID services adds an additional layer of authentication to verify individuals' identities. This allows seamless integration of your national ID service into the customer information collection processes.

Collaborations with great partners

We proactively seek out both technical and business partnerships with best-in-class and innovative companies, aligning seamlessly with services that complement our core offerings.
Meo partners with Creditsafe, delivering valuable intelligence on customers, suppliers, and potential buyers globally. Their solutions empower organizations to transform data into actionable insights, driving better risk management and opportunity identification. From credit reports to business intelligence, Creditsafe is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their understanding of customers and suppliers, maximizing the value of their data.
Meo collaborates with Thales, a global leader in digital security, offering a broad range of digital identity and data protection technologies. Thales aims to protect businesses, governments, and individuals from data breaches and identity theft across 180 countries. Integrated with Thales’ ID document verification services, Meo provides state-of-the-art verification of passports, driver’s licenses, and ID cards to all Meo customers.
Meo partners with ComplyAdvantage, the world's only AI-driven risk database, combining watchlists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and adverse media. Leveraging the latest technology, it enables customers to automate onboarding processes and monitoring through a real-time AML risk database. The collaboration with ComplyAdvantage allows Meo to offer complete coverage of all sanctions and watchlists globally, AI and machine learning-driven adverse media analysis, and automated ongoing monitoring.
Meo has entered into a business agreement with Danske Advokater, the trade association of Danish law firms. This collaboration provides targeted support to law firms adhering to strict AML requirements. Members can handle the entire know-your-customer journey, from PEP screenings to individual risk assessments, streamlining processes internally and for clients.
Meo aligns with Deloitte, an unrivaled leader in professional services with the largest global network. Offering a comprehensive range of services, including audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and legal services, Deloitte provides Meo access to a powerhouse of knowledge and resources. This partnership ensures Meo delivers the highest level of service and support for clients.