The custodians of digital identities

Seamless and secure identity verification for businesses. Empowering individuals with control over their digital identities.

What is Meo?

Meo is building trust infrastructure for the internet economy. The company helps compliance teams in regulated businesses verify customers and protect themselves from financial, reputational, or legal risk.

The Meo platform is an all-in-one platform for KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business). It's natively integrated with leading financial databases, business registries, AML providers, and fraud prevention APIs. It helps businesses in reducing the turnaround time for customer onboarding and allows for integrated identity verification in one location.

We needed to scratch our own itch

Our story begins in 2015 when blockchain was the latest tech trend, and with a mission to help verify financial transactions. We discovered in the process that the friction and pain associated with onboarding a customer in a compliant way, prior to do offer our intended value, was an even bigger problem, so we pivoted - And the rest is history.

The trust fabric of online business


We envision a world where the verification of businesses and individuals is seamless, eliminating the need for physical documents - A future where user identities is securely digitized, ensuring the secure and efficient global exchange of goods and services.


We want to enable businesses to verify the identities of their customers seamlessly and securely, without exposure to customer data management risks.
Additionally, we believe that everyone should have ownership of their digital identity and control over which data is shared with which companies.


Embedded in the Meo DNA is our values of simplicity, integrity, ownership, and transparency are the compass that guides our decision-making and the lifeblood that nourishes our culture of trust and empowerment.

Getting noticed

Over the years we have been selected for multiple awards


In 2021 we again won an RegTech100 award.


We won an RegTech100 award in 2020.

Startup pitch

In 2020 we won startup pitch at Money 20/20.

Lead Global Fintech Innovators

In 2016 we where listed the KPMG | H2 Ventures Fintech100 - Lead global fintech innovators.

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