Onboarding flows

Streamline your customer onboarding

— Simplify and expedite the customer onboarding process, ensuring compliance and seamless identity verification.
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Trusted by compliance teams across regulated industries

Streamlined integration

Easy integrate identity verification and KYC/KYB checks into your onboarding process for a smoother, more secure customer experience.

Frictionless onboarding

Accelerate customer onboarding with our fast, reliable identity verification, ensuring quick access to your services without compromising security.

Enhanced compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with advanced KYC and KYB procedures embedded in your onboarding workflow.
KYB & KYC onboarding

Customized flows for frictionless onboarding

Customised, white-labeled customer onboarding flows. Streamline identity, document, KYC & KYB verification effortlessly.

Quick customer onboarding

Customers are seamlessly guided through an straightforward process that guarantees high conversion rates without compromising data accuracy and quality.
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Real-time data validation

Clients receive real-time feedback on provided data quality during onboarding, eliminating the need for follow-up requests.

Temporary profiles

Create temporary profiles for clients who can't use IT or for preliminary stages before full onboarding, ensuring inclusivity and flexibility.
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