Adverse media checks

Efficient reputation protection with adverse media screening

— Transform the way you build risk profiles with our advanced adverse media screening service, covering over 50,000 globally curated and highly trusted news sources.
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Trusted by compliance teams across regulated industries

Proactive threat identification

Stay ahead of potential risks by identifying and addressing threats before they impact your business.

Shorten the onboarding cycle

Cut onboarding time by up to 78%, for a seamless customer experience.

Eliminate noise

Tailor your screening program to your risk tolerance, eliminating noise and focusing on critical alerts.

In-depth news articles

The dynamic global news landscape often signals increased reputational or compliance risks before official confirmation. Our Adverse Media screening service, drawn from high-quality sources, empowers businesses to anticipate and identify potential threats, staying one step ahead of bad actors.
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Efficiency in due diligence

Access millions of profiles from diverse sources using a standardized structured format. Simplify due diligence for your operational teams, eliminating the need to sift through endless articles.

Comprehensive insights: Uncover negative mentions

Meo’s media coverage spans cases of corruption, financial and tax crime, trafficking, director disqualifications, stock exchange and official register disbarments, organized crime, and more. Know if potential customers have faced legal issues or negative mentions in the media.
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