Sanctions & PEP screening

Streamline compliance with global sanctions & PEP screening

— Utilize our advanced screening to identify sanctioned entities and PEPs, ensuring diligent AML compliance with our extensive global database
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Trusted by compliance teams across regulated industries

Real-time updates

Access the latest data in real-time to stay informed and take timely actions based on the most current information.


Implement automated systems for ongoing client monitoring. Stay proactive with timely alerts.


Experience fast, actionable results that reduce administrative burdens, allowing you to reclaim valuable time.

Effortless PEP screening

Effortlessly comply with anti-money laundering regulations as our platform automatically screens and monitors for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), including direct PEPs and their Relations and Close Associates (RCAs). We use fuzziness and date of birth to reduce the amount of false-positive hits.
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Fine-tune match accuracy

Tailor your search criteria with customizable parameters, including fuzziness and preferred match types, to minimize false positives and enhance precision.
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