Risk assessment

Manage risks with our highly configurable rules engine

— Leverage Meo's unique Risk Scoring engine to quickly evaluate your clients' AML risk profiles, offering straightforward risk categorizations.
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Trusted by compliance teams across regulated industries

Intuitive risk scoring

Unlock insights with our transparent scoring system, clearly indicating low, medium, or high risk levels for a traceable assessment.


Adapt our AML risk scoring to your unique use cases with flexible configuration and rule-setting options.

Establish trust

Show your commitment to preventing fraud, identity theft, and FinCrime to your customers.

Tailored risk scoring engine

Meo risk scoring engine analyzes customer data to identify potential risks, whether business entities or individual customers. This includes high-risk factors related to nationality, political exposure, sanctions, and adverse media status.

Customize these scores to align with your risk-based approach, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential threats.
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Automated AML & KYC compliance

Automate policies to align with all the different global regulations and legal procedures. Get the flexibility to better protect businesses against fraud, money laundering, and terrorism financing.
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Ready to transform your AML operations?

Explore how our solutions can enhance efficiency and drive conversion rates for your business. Unleash the potential of seamless compliance with Meo.

Detailed client AML reports

Access comprehensive reports for confirmed hits, complete with extensive evidence, enabling in-depth analysis of each case.
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See how Meo can help you win big for your clients.

Let us show you why Meo is the preferred choice for lawyers and law firms wanting to automate their AML processes.