Capital management

Simplify KYC processes for capital management

— Automate your KYC and due diligence processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, so you can focus on strengthening client relations and growing your business.
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Quick to setup

Easy launch your operations with our hassle-free setup, ensuring minimal downtime.

Easy to use

Simplicity is paramount; our solutions are designed to seamlessly align with your needs, minimizing your involvement.

Lightning fast

Accelerate your daily tasks through our automated workflows, ensuring a swift and efficient operational cadence.
KYB & KYC onboarding

Improve the client onboarding experience and boost conversions

Safeguard your business from fraud risks while maintaining operational efficiency through our comprehensive range of ID checks.

Instant ID validation

Clients receive immediate feedback on data quality during onboarding, streamlining the process and minimizing follow-up requests.
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Efficient ID extraction

Utilize Thales OCR integration for automatic extraction of key client details, reducing errors and providing a seamless experience.
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We use Meo for onboarding investors from around the world. The solution lends us a mechanism and process, as well as storage of information, but above all it provides us a peace of mind that we are protecting our investors' data.

Lars Jensen
Lars Jensen
Managing partner
Scale Capital
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Thorough PEPs and sanctions screening

Rely on our extensive network of live data sources to thoroughly screen individuals and companies, ensuring you have accurate and up-to-date information on your clients.
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Ready to transform your compliance operations?

Explore how our solutions can enhance efficiency and drive conversion rates for your business. Unleash the potential of seamless compliance with Meo.

Customized onboarding flows to boost conversions

Simplify and elevate the customer onboarding experience, ensuring compliance and seamless identity verification.
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Enhance client verification with comprehensive multi-source checks

Confirm client identities with ease, including names, addresses, birth dates, and social security numbers, through rapid cross-referencing with credit bureau databases.

Encrypted communication with clients

Ensure secure communication with clients directly within the system, utilizing encryption for confidentiality and compliance.

Stay compliant

Effortlessly purge data you're no longer authorized to keep, ensuring full GDPR compliance at your fingertips.

See how Meo can help you win big for your clients.

Let us show you why Meo is the preferred choice for lawyers and law firms wanting to automate their AML processes.