Information security - Protect your company's data the right way

Christian Visti
January 25, 2024
5 min read

Importance of Information Security and GDPR Compliance

In general, information security is about properly protecting a company's data, including customer data, personal data and finance. It is important to handle personal data correctly in accordance with the GDPR. Breaches of this can result in severe penalties.

It is essential to secure sensitive data from misuse or other leakage of information. At NewBanking, we have developed a software and digital data management platform that automates and complies with guidelines, rules and legislation to help you avoid money laundering or GDPR breaches.

We can contribute with risk assessments, examine your KYC status and identify critical points as well as possible optimisation opportunities for this. Our admin tool, NewBanking Identity, helps to digitally verify, monitor and check customers as well as make reports to regulators and risk assessments.

Learn more about what GDPR is on our page and more about information security on

Minimize resources spent in your business

With the help of a platform like NewBanking Identity, you can free up resources, as you avoid spending time and staff on handling information security in your company, and can spend your time on more efficient and rewarding areas for your particular industry.

We can also help you with a digital onboarding flow that allows you to easily and securely exchange data across the organisation - safely and securely. This reduces the manual errors that often occur in information security.

In this context, we can tailor exactly the platform and data sources that are necessary and essential for your customer type. This platform can be integrated directly into your website, improving and optimising the user experience for your customers.

Much more than an information security check

At NewBanking, we value being able to offer a complete solution that assists you in everything from the information security mentioned above, but you can also get help with compliance checks, as well as insights into money laundering and handling in these types of cases.

We are a sparring partner on everything that involves the handling of personal data, customer data and the protected exchange of the same.

We work with everything from small companies without KYC management to large companies with greater needs for sparring and additional system integrations. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation about your needs and options.

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