What is compliance?

Christian Visti
January 24, 2024
5 min read

What is compliance - Get answers and take a non-binding check up

Let us help you understand "what is compliance" and why regular compliance check ups are important. We conduct non-binding surveys and check ups of your KYC processes, where we provide an overview of the efforts and procedures you can optimise and how.

At Meo, we treat your data and responses confidentially and securely, in order for you to receive a compliance check up with peace of mind. But allow us to introduce Meo and our identity, as well as put you in the picture of what compliance is.

What is meant by a compliance check up?

When talking about a compliance check up, we mean an examination of whether rules, legislation and guidelines are being adhered to in the respective processes. This applies to processes in connection to customers as well as internally.

In the same process, the term KYC compliance is used. KYC is primarily an abbreviation of Know Your Customer, and this term, therefore, covers knowing your customers legislation and guidelines and what you need to be aware of. The term is used in financial contexts.

These concepts and efforts have been created to safeguard customers against corruption, money laundering, fraud and other types of financial abuses.

The purpose of conducting these check ups, and gaining knowledge on what constitutes compliance, is to avoid pitfalls that can, in the worst case, lead to sanctions if you violate laws, guidelines or other regulations.

Who is Meo?

We are a RegTech company located in Denmark, working on platforms for the benefit of secure customer data handling.

At Meo, we offer complete solutions through software to automate customer verification, checks, monitoring as well as risk assessments and onboarding flows allowing you to save resources.

We help save you time on cumbersome processes that are essential to avoid breaches of legislation, regulations or guidelines. By automating or streamlining processes and gaining a deep understanding of "what is compliance", we can ensure that everyday life is easier and more manageable for both you and your clients.

So spend time wisely on other processes and streamline your efforts while ensuring your data exchange is secure and confidential.

See how Meo can help you win big for your clients.

Let us show you why Meo is the preferred choice for lawyers and law firms wanting to automate their AML processes.